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Booster Club Minutes - Jan. 18, 2017

SMHS Booster Club Meeting Notes
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
7pm  - SMHS Room M3

Present: Tracy Grzanna, Joanne Palin, Laurie Balch, Tina Walker, Rene Couitt, Brooke Harrell, Jen Frederick, Jess Warkentien, Cherie Cahill, Pat Halpin, Stephanie Cooney, Sharon Parsons
Agenda Item:   Student Rep.
·         Bethie Coverdale will be our student rep this year, she was unable to attend this meeting
Agenda Item:  Review of November Minutes
·         November minutes were reviewed and unanimously accepted by all
Agenda Item:  Treasurer’s Report – Tracy Grzanna
·         Current balances – Savings  $ 6516.32    Checking  $798.78
·         Sharon reported that she has a deposit to make from the last Concession stand sales
·         A check for $1042.00 was given to Tracy for deposit  (MyLocker percentage)
·         Tracy will give a full report of concession stand purchases and sales at our next meeting

Action Items:  Sharon and Tracy will get together and work on the state forms that are required to file.
Agenda Item:  President’s Report  - Sharon Parsons
·         Sharon called MyLocker because there was a concern that a check for the 12% of sales  has not been received in a long time.  She found out that they had changed it to store credit instead of cash.  Sharon had them change that back to cash and they sent a check for $1042.00 for all that was owed.  Sharon also set up an account where we can view sales on a more regular basis.  We should be getting checks quarterly from them as people make purchases.  It was suggested that we do some more advertising for MyLocker.  A 10% discount code was sent and some posters were printed that are located in the Concession Stand.
·         Concession Stand – Lela has been opening on Saturday mornings for the Rec games, which has helped with the sales.  The coffee maker that we have had for years had broken, Lela donated a newer one, she also picked up some mouth guards to sell.
·         Spiritwear – Sharon Thielicke has been working with Paint n Place with her new design.  The full design we approved at the last meeting was too costly due to all the colors, so Sharon has revised that.  Sharon Parsons had a sample of the SMHS t-shirts that were printed.  The total cost to purchase shirts and print was about $10.  The committee agreed that a retail price of $15 would be good.  Sharon T. is working on taking out some colors for the SCES design and will get that to Paint n Place for printing of the blue children’s shirts.
·         Scholarships – Sharon reported that our Scholarship form has been given to the guidance office to be included in the scholarship packet and on the guidance website.  We will also include it on our Booster website.  The committee agreed that we should ask guidance to take the names off of the application and simply number them before giving them to us to review.  A subcommittee was formed to review all scholarships and make selections. This group does not include any parents of current seniors. 
o   Joanne Palin
o   Jess Warkentien
o   Brooke Harrell
o   Cherie Cahill
o   Laurie Balch
Agenda Item: New Ideas
·         SMHS Open house – Sharon asked if the Booster club would be willing and interested in organizing and providing a cook out for the fall open house.  Laurie mentioned the open house event at the Elementary school that included a cook out at a small cost, she said it was well received and had a great turn out.  The committee was interested in getting the word out to more parents as their kids enter SMHS about the Booster Club.  Discussion will continue.
·         Other Booster Clubs – The committee discussed the idea of looking at other schools and how they run their Booster club, more specifically some of the things they offer their schools.  Sharon talked about looking at some of the needs of the school and its students and working towards filling those needs.  The following were some of the ideas:
o   Providing food/snacks for those in need. 
o   Weekend backpacks full of food for families in need
o   After school program of some sort for those students who stay late
o   Dress clothes closet – manage a closet somewhere in the school that includes dress up clothes for boys and girls for concerts or sports events
·         Speaker – Laurie mentioned that she heard about a possible documentary for the high school students about the use of drugs and alcohol.  She will view and report back.
Action Items: 
·         Sharon will talk to the Administration about the idea of a Dress up closet and brainstorm a location. 
·         Stephanie, Joanne, Jen and Jess will talk with someone at their schools about the Booster club – looking for new ideas.
·         Laurie will view possible documentary and report back.

Next Meeting:  Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 7pm    SMHS room M3

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