Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Jan. 8, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Sunapee School District
Booster Club Meeting   January 8, 2018                               
Minutes                                                 SMHS
President:   Laurie Balch                  Vice President:  JenFrederick
Treasurer:  Cherie Cahill                   Secretary:         Joanne Palin                                           
Attendees:  Jo Palin, Steph Cooney, Patricia Halpin, Cheri Cahill, Laurie Balch, Jen Fred, Jess Warkentein, Brooke Harrell, Louise Nichols, Gidget Ducharme,  Lisa Davis, Amy Moynihan, Sharon Parsons, Lela Emery, Sheila Hulton  _______________________________________________________________________

Agenda item:       Approve November minutes        Presenter:   Laurie
Discussion:  Jess motion to approve Nov.minutes.  All in favor.  Approved.

Agenda item:  Treasurer’s Report Presenter:   Cheri Cahill

Discussion:  $1443.91 balance as of today checking    Savings $4461.59
$1390. Dep most from concession
$1000.54 withdrawals - 650. SHMS scholarship fund for Booster wear and $381. To Paint n place for embroidery jackets
Transferred $1000. From savings to check to cover those expenses
Agenda item:  Bank Information Presenter:  Laurie and Cheri

Discussion:  correct officers now on bank paperwork
Sheila Hulton got debit card
Please text Laurie with requests for supplies so Sheila does not get 100 texts
Agenda item: Soccer jacket contribution Presenter:  Laurie

Discussion: $381. For embroidery on jackets

Agenda item: Spirit Wear update Presenter:  Laurie

Cost of inventory: $650.

Recycled gear:  boxes still in production, rack displaying new gear seems to be productive; request flyer in cfolders, donation boxes in both schools

Pom pom hats: never ordered, need to do it; 24 ish
Where are armbands?

Action Item: Order them Persons Responsible - Jess
And inquire about armbands
Agenda item:Empty Bowl Sponsorship Presenter:  Laurie/Sharon

Discussion: $100 fee to Livery was paid by us.  75 people attended; made $1400 for Pantry, 30 bags of groceries ____________________________________________________________________________

Agenda item: Basketball concession sign up Presenter:  Laurie

Discussion: Sign up Genius helpful.  Thanks to Brooke.  Take out the “shopper” piece bc Sheila will always do it.  Fewer than 14 shifts left.  Brooke passed around a paper copy to add to.

Action Item: Persons Responsible Brooke


Agenda item: Saturday Concession stand Presenter:  Laurie

Discussion: Thanks to Lela; this Saturday a tourney … expect to be busy.
Jo to make QR code to make it easy to order from my locker.
Liason to My Locker?  Any volunteers? Jen Fred
Need more coupons
Inventory list on back of door - if you work it...edit it, please
TV in Sherb lobby - utilize it?  Feeds?
Green book - breakdown of funds that should be left in box.  Remainder goes in deposit envelope and brought to Lake Sunapee, night deposit box. Please fill out log book.

Action Item: QR code flyer on door Persons Responsible - Jo
Contact My Locker for coupons and new link Sharon
TV - talk to someone about turning it around and get feed items Laurie
Liason with My locker Jen Fred

Agenda item: Booster bean bags Presenter:  Laurie

Discussion: has not started them yet; washed and renumbered.  We can start that whenever.  Table ticket takers take the money.  They bring them to closet.  Booster gets half.  Half goes to winner.  2nd place gets coupon.  Trouble is getting someone to call it at halftime.
Agenda item: Mascot update Presenter:  Laurie

Discussion: no luck so far.  Laurie investigating.  Mascot on hold.
Agenda item: Sports Awards Presenter:  

Video - Amy on for that.  5moynihan@comcast.net.  Please forward pics.  HS winter sports
No dates yet.  
Shopping/Working -  HS - Jen Fred and MS - Brooke  HS - cake and drinks, MS cookies and drinks  (BJs or Hannafords.)  2 punch, 2 ginger ales, 2 containers of sherbert only for HS, 2 sheet cakes, 2 big trays of cookies
Not to exceed $100.
Lisa offered to make cupcakes/cake for HS.  Will get reimbursed.

Action Item: make cupcakes/cake for HS Persons Responsible - Lisa
Organize HS Jen
Organize MS Brooke

Agenda item: Scholarship Presenter:  Laurie

Discussion: last year - 4 $250 given Meg Frederick, Nate Emery, Jess Parsons, and Lynnsey Trabka
Committee for 2018- Jess Warkentein, Sharon Parsons, Jen Frederick, Patricia Halpin, (no parents of seniors on committee) will read applications blind and rate.  Then discuss ratings and whether or not they meet requirements.  
Date scholarships are due - APril 13th?  Need to check.  Delivered to guidance dept.
Award amounts - Total of $1000  - max amount of $250 each.  Max at 4 @ $250.  

Action Item: find out date Persons Responsible -
Agenda item: Cotton Candy Presenter:  Gidget

Discussion: Rich Ducharme looked into buying one. Outright purchase of commercial-grade one approx. $600.   Trial rental is an option - $35-70/day not including sugar ($20/box).  Stockpiling is an option if we go with renting.
Outside thing rather than inside. Makes a mess.
Bloods Catering -  local $120/day for machine only.
.05 for cone, $.17 sugar - can sell for $1-2 per order
$190. - $230. For used one

Group agreed to do a trial period first rather than buy one. Will discuss for an event in future.

Agenda item:Raffle Basket Presenter:  

Discussion: make a basket of leftover stuff with old stuff, good stuff and coupons.  Sell tickets all year up until last home game or senior night when you raffle it off.  Have 2 different baskets.
All agreed.  Write name and phone numbers on tickets.  You take that one and give people blank one.  $1 each or 6 for $5.  Baskets on display.  Money goes in regular box.

Action Item: make baskets Persons Responsible - Laurie
Agenda item: Baseball shed Presenter:  

Discussion:  check with Lions Club to see if they will have their cart open.  If not, we will open the new shed.

Snow cone machine possible to rent

Action Item: check with Tracy Nangeroni Persons Responsible - Laurie

Agenda item:  Popcorn machine Presenter:  Laurie/Sharon

Discussion: broken and a pain in the butt.  Donated and old and done.  New machine $200-300.  Motion made to get a new one.  Motion carried.  Not to exceed $400. including shipping.

Action Item: buy it Persons Responsible - Stephanie Cooney

Agenda item: Kids want unifying something for fan section Presenter:  Laurie  

Discussion: pom poms?  Spirit towels?  Fans
No noise makers allowed
Buy towels and pass out and return into a bucket
Action Item: buy items on Oriental Trading Co. Persons Responsible Louise-

Next Meeting:  Monday February 19th 6:00 p.m. SMHS library

Respectfully Submitted by
Joanne Palin

Date:  1/8/18