Monday, January 8, 2018

Booster Club Meeting
Monday, Jan. 8, 2018 at 6pm in SMHS Library

Agenda will be as follows:
  1. Approve November Minutes
  2. Treasurer’s Report
  3. Bank information, transition
  4. Soccer Jacket contribution - final amount
  5. Spirit wear update. - 
    1. cost of inventory
    2. Recycled gear boxes/posters/cfolders
    3. Pom pom hats
6.   Empty Bowl sponsorship
7.   Basketball concession sign up
8.   Concession stand inventory/notes/deposit process
9.   Saturday Booster Club - Lela
10.   Booster bean bags
11.  Mascot update
12.  Sports awards video
13.  Sports award nights, volunteers to shop and work
14. Scholarship
1. Confirm amounts
2. Committee
15. Cotton Candy
16. Raffle basket

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Booster Minutes - Nov. 16, 2017 Meeting

Sunapee School District
Booster Club Meeting Minutes                                                                  6:00pm
Sherburne lobby  _______________________________________________________________________
President:   Sharon Parsons               Vice President:  Jen Frederick
Treasurer:  Cherie Cahill Note taker:         Joanne Palin                                           
Attendees:  Jo Palin, Jen Fred, Sharon Parsons, Simone Austin, Rhonda Gurney, Lela Emery, Monique Malanga, Sheila Hulton, Tracey Grzanna, Laurie Balch, Amy Moynihan, Cherie Cahill, Maria Fair, Patricia Halpin, Stephanie Cooney, Renee Couitt   ________________________________________________________________________

Call to order - 6:10 p.m.
Motion to approve minutes of last  - approved
Agenda item:     treasurer’s report                Presenter:   Tracey
Checking $1079.50        savings   $ 5461.37
Some deductions for sports banquet

Action Item: Person Responsible

Agenda item:  transition of officers

  • Laurie Balch as new president - any questions  or concerns…
  • Cherie working with Tracey - handed over books - to meet at bank to work transitions, day after Thanksgiving 9:00 a.m.

Action Item: go to Lake Sunapee Bank Persons Responsible: Tracey, Cherie, Laurie
Agenda item: soccer jacket contribution Presenter:  Sharon

  • most have jackets. Just need to pay for stitching
  • (Up to $300) - motion carried unanimously

Action Item:    Confirm with Myles Persons Responsible:   Sharon

Agenda item:  Empty Bowl service event Presenter:  Sharon

  • fundraiser to restock food pantry  November 30th - livery - $20.00 per person
  • Willing to sponsor the $100 rent for Livery
  • Motion - carried unanimously to sponsor event
  • Get reservation in by Monday before event

Action Item: bring crockpots Persons Responsible:  Patricia Halpin

Agenda item: Spirit Wear Presenter:  Sharon

  • ordered hats and arm sleeves
  • More discussion and approval of 2nd hand goose gear - rack donated by Thielicke
  • Need flyer for used wear closet - add note about contribution for new Goose?
  • Expand sales of spirit wear to snack shack at the High School field
  • Clarification on prices of Cooney’s spirit clothes test case to sell in booster
Action Item: Persons Responsible
Make Flyer for used wear Jo
Talk to Myles about plan for scholarship sales Laurie

Agenda item: Basketball concession schedule Presenter:  Sharon/Laurie

  • no JV girls team, schedule may be light
  • Brooke offered to create online schedule  with shopper of the week signup - Signup Genius
  • Pick of needed shopping list check to Sheila Hulton - debit Booster card

Action Item: Persons Responsible -
Sign up for coverage of games Any interested members

Agenda item: New Goose costume Presenter:  Laurie

  • 3 potential:  Black belly geese vs. white belly geese
  • Price - $1000 - $1120
  • Motion to buy Goose suit for about $1,000 - passed unanimously - members present checked preferred one, most checks carried

Action Item: Persons Responsible
Order new Goose Suit Laurie
Agenda item: Volunteer responsibility Presenter:  Laurie

  • we will rotate nights of our meetings so that more people can come and help
  • We can break down into three different seasons and committees, it will alleviate the feeling that you can help at one season
  • Committee NEEDS volunteers for following commitees:
    • Worker orientation - NHS and Service Club - share the Genius Calendar with those clubs and teach them how to run closet
    • Merchandise coordinator per season
    • Volunteer organizer - Brooke
    • Inventory organizer - need someone per season - If Sheila is shopper, text her
    • Stands cleanup
    • Sports awards video - Amy did fall one and agreed to do next two seasons
    • Facebook page - Jo will continue to post; talk about what we are contributing to to increase visibility with Middle School parents. Can we put on Guidance news and Notes?
    • Middle School Sports awards
    • HS sports awards
    • Scholarship Committee - readers of essays

Action Item: add Genius Calendar on Booster site and FB page Persons Responsible - Brooke Harrell, Sharon for booster site
Agenda Item:  cake price ceiling for awards nights

Discussion -
  • $50 ceiling?  Decision - not to exceed $100
Agenda Item  - Rec Basketball

  • Lela wants to continue selling candy and coffee
  • Won’t put on Genius calendar

Agenda Item - inventory and cleaning of closet


Next Meeting:  Monday January 8, 2018   6:00 p.m. SMHS library

Respectfully Submitted by
Joanne Palin

Date:  10/22/17

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Booster Meeting - Thursday, Nov. 16, 6pm at the Sherburne Gym.

Meeting Agenda 
  1. Approve October Minutes (ammend scholorships)
  2. Treasurer's Report
  3. Election of new officers
  4. Motion - support stitching on Soccer Girl's jackets (about $300)
  5. Sponsorship of Empty Bowl Event
  6. Spirit wear - continued discussion
  7. Create flyer for good used spiritwear
  8. Sign up for Basketball Concession Stand
  9. Clean and organize Concession Stand (bring items from soccer shed)
  10. Created a list of needed items, assign shopping

Remember to bring a friend!!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunapee School District
Booster Club Meeting                                   10/ 19 /17
Minutes                                                                  6:00pm SMHS
President:   Sharon Parsons               Vice President:  Jen Frederick
Treasurer:  Tracey Grzanna Note taker:         Joanne Palin                                           
Attendees:    Sharon Parsons, Joanne Palin, Jess Warkentien, Amy Moynihan, Maria Fair, Lela Emery, Linda Schultz, Kristen Reed, Cherie Cahill, Jen Frederick
Absent:  Tracey Grzanna, Laurie Balch, Stephanie Cooney, Tina Walker
Agenda item:    Review Minutes of last meeting       Presenter:   Sharon
  • Motion: Minutes accepted

Action Item: Person Responsible
Agenda item:  Treasurer’s Report Presenter:  Sharon

  • Checking:  $1205.21
  • Savings:  $5461.14
  • Recent expenses - donation to garden $2000.
  • Softball and basketball championship jackets/embroidery - $624ish
  • Scholarships - $1000.
  • Recent additions - soccer snack shop - approximately $1000.

Action Item: Persons Responsible
Agenda item: Playoff Snack Shop Calendar Presenter:  Sharon

Discussion:  Depending on the outcome of last week of games, we need
  • Possible 24th - boys game at 3
  • Girls game - 29th - 3pm
  • If boys advance - 27th at 3

Action Item:  sign up to work if you can and need to break down shed after season Persons Responsible  - all members
Agenda item:  Election/Renewal of Officers Presenter:  Sharon Parsons

  • Lela Emery would like to step down as secretary - Joanne Palin offered to fill position, motion made and accepted
  • Sharon looking to leave Presidency
  • Cherie Cahill willing to take over for Tracey Grzanna as Treasurer - motion made and accepted
  • Jen Frederick staying on as VP

Action Item: Persons Responsible
Consider taking over as President All members
Agenda item: MS SPorts Awards Nite Presenter:  Sharon Parsons

  • Needs?  MS - Monday the 23rd - 6:00 Cookies and lemonade
  • HS - 6th or 7th possibly?  Discussed changing to cookies, agreed to stick with tradition and keep the cake

Action Item: get cookies and lemonade form BJs Persons Responsible - Jen Fred
Agenda item: Spirit Wear Presenter:  Sharon Parsons

  • Myles asked us if we wanted to sell his spirit wear.  We should find out sizes and try to sell a few and take a piece of profit but do not buy outright
  • Should open shop for Sat. hoop rec games
  • How can we increase sales?  My Locker flyer like Kearsarge and Grantham?  Flyer home to SCES?  
  • Products discussed to add to items:  headbands, sweatbands, tie headband like softball team, arm socks, beanies, sweatshirts in kids’ sizes
  • How about a recycle closet?  Bring old stuff not used to either sell cheaply ($2-$5) or give away - spread the word on Twitter, FB, school website, etc.  Leave boxes at HS and Sherb - look for rack at Ocean State or PTO at SCES

Action Item: Order hats and arm bands Persons Responsible - Sharon
Put together flyer for used spiritwear
Agenda item: Scholarships Presenter:  Sharon Parsons

  • Procedure/process/forms worked well last year
  • Agreed to remain at up to 4 scholarships of $250 each
  • Talk about committee at a later date

Action Item: Persons Responsible
Agenda item: Expanding Membership Presenter:  Sharon Parsons

  • Bring a friend to next meeting
  • Facebook closed group
  • Increase Middle School parent presence at next meeting

Action Item: Create a Flyer, Table at next open house? Persons Responsible - Sharon
                       Create Private Facebook account Joanne

Next Meeting:  Thursday Nov 16 at 6:00 at Sherburne to set up concession stand