Thursday, November 16, 2017

Booster Minutes - Nov. 16, 2017 Meeting

Sunapee School District
Booster Club Meeting Minutes                                                                  6:00pm
Sherburne lobby  _______________________________________________________________________
President:   Sharon Parsons               Vice President:  Jen Frederick
Treasurer:  Cherie Cahill Note taker:         Joanne Palin                                           
Attendees:  Jo Palin, Jen Fred, Sharon Parsons, Simone Austin, Rhonda Gurney, Lela Emery, Monique Malanga, Sheila Hulton, Tracey Grzanna, Laurie Balch, Amy Moynihan, Cherie Cahill, Maria Fair, Patricia Halpin, Stephanie Cooney, Renee Couitt   ________________________________________________________________________

Call to order - 6:10 p.m.
Motion to approve minutes of last  - approved
Agenda item:     treasurer’s report                Presenter:   Tracey
Checking $1079.50        savings   $ 5461.37
Some deductions for sports banquet

Action Item: Person Responsible

Agenda item:  transition of officers

  • Laurie Balch as new president - any questions  or concerns…
  • Cherie working with Tracey - handed over books - to meet at bank to work transitions, day after Thanksgiving 9:00 a.m.

Action Item: go to Lake Sunapee Bank Persons Responsible: Tracey, Cherie, Laurie
Agenda item: soccer jacket contribution Presenter:  Sharon

  • most have jackets. Just need to pay for stitching
  • (Up to $300) - motion carried unanimously

Action Item:    Confirm with Myles Persons Responsible:   Sharon

Agenda item:  Empty Bowl service event Presenter:  Sharon

  • fundraiser to restock food pantry  November 30th - livery - $20.00 per person
  • Willing to sponsor the $100 rent for Livery
  • Motion - carried unanimously to sponsor event
  • Get reservation in by Monday before event

Action Item: bring crockpots Persons Responsible:  Patricia Halpin

Agenda item: Spirit Wear Presenter:  Sharon

  • ordered hats and arm sleeves
  • More discussion and approval of 2nd hand goose gear - rack donated by Thielicke
  • Need flyer for used wear closet - add note about contribution for new Goose?
  • Expand sales of spirit wear to snack shack at the High School field
  • Clarification on prices of Cooney’s spirit clothes test case to sell in booster
Action Item: Persons Responsible
Make Flyer for used wear Jo
Talk to Myles about plan for scholarship sales Laurie

Agenda item: Basketball concession schedule Presenter:  Sharon/Laurie

  • no JV girls team, schedule may be light
  • Brooke offered to create online schedule  with shopper of the week signup - Signup Genius
  • Pick of needed shopping list check to Sheila Hulton - debit Booster card

Action Item: Persons Responsible -
Sign up for coverage of games Any interested members

Agenda item: New Goose costume Presenter:  Laurie

  • 3 potential:  Black belly geese vs. white belly geese
  • Price - $1000 - $1120
  • Motion to buy Goose suit for about $1,000 - passed unanimously - members present checked preferred one, most checks carried

Action Item: Persons Responsible
Order new Goose Suit Laurie
Agenda item: Volunteer responsibility Presenter:  Laurie

  • we will rotate nights of our meetings so that more people can come and help
  • We can break down into three different seasons and committees, it will alleviate the feeling that you can help at one season
  • Committee NEEDS volunteers for following commitees:
    • Worker orientation - NHS and Service Club - share the Genius Calendar with those clubs and teach them how to run closet
    • Merchandise coordinator per season
    • Volunteer organizer - Brooke
    • Inventory organizer - need someone per season - If Sheila is shopper, text her
    • Stands cleanup
    • Sports awards video - Amy did fall one and agreed to do next two seasons
    • Facebook page - Jo will continue to post; talk about what we are contributing to to increase visibility with Middle School parents. Can we put on Guidance news and Notes?
    • Middle School Sports awards
    • HS sports awards
    • Scholarship Committee - readers of essays

Action Item: add Genius Calendar on Booster site and FB page Persons Responsible - Brooke Harrell, Sharon for booster site
Agenda Item:  cake price ceiling for awards nights

Discussion -
  • $50 ceiling?  Decision - not to exceed $100
Agenda Item  - Rec Basketball

  • Lela wants to continue selling candy and coffee
  • Won’t put on Genius calendar

Agenda Item - inventory and cleaning of closet


Next Meeting:  Monday January 8, 2018   6:00 p.m. SMHS library

Respectfully Submitted by
Joanne Palin

Date:  10/22/17

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Booster Meeting - Thursday, Nov. 16, 6pm at the Sherburne Gym.

Meeting Agenda 
  1. Approve October Minutes (ammend scholorships)
  2. Treasurer's Report
  3. Election of new officers
  4. Motion - support stitching on Soccer Girl's jackets (about $300)
  5. Sponsorship of Empty Bowl Event
  6. Spirit wear - continued discussion
  7. Create flyer for good used spiritwear
  8. Sign up for Basketball Concession Stand
  9. Clean and organize Concession Stand (bring items from soccer shed)
  10. Created a list of needed items, assign shopping

Remember to bring a friend!!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunapee School District
Booster Club Meeting                                   10/ 19 /17
Minutes                                                                  6:00pm SMHS
President:   Sharon Parsons               Vice President:  Jen Frederick
Treasurer:  Tracey Grzanna Note taker:         Joanne Palin                                           
Attendees:    Sharon Parsons, Joanne Palin, Jess Warkentien, Amy Moynihan, Maria Fair, Lela Emery, Linda Schultz, Kristen Reed, Cherie Cahill, Jen Frederick
Absent:  Tracey Grzanna, Laurie Balch, Stephanie Cooney, Tina Walker
Agenda item:    Review Minutes of last meeting       Presenter:   Sharon
  • Motion: Minutes accepted

Action Item: Person Responsible
Agenda item:  Treasurer’s Report Presenter:  Sharon

  • Checking:  $1205.21
  • Savings:  $5461.14
  • Recent expenses - donation to garden $2000.
  • Softball and basketball championship jackets/embroidery - $624ish
  • Scholarships - $1000.
  • Recent additions - soccer snack shop - approximately $1000.

Action Item: Persons Responsible
Agenda item: Playoff Snack Shop Calendar Presenter:  Sharon

Discussion:  Depending on the outcome of last week of games, we need
  • Possible 24th - boys game at 3
  • Girls game - 29th - 3pm
  • If boys advance - 27th at 3

Action Item:  sign up to work if you can and need to break down shed after season Persons Responsible  - all members
Agenda item:  Election/Renewal of Officers Presenter:  Sharon Parsons

  • Lela Emery would like to step down as secretary - Joanne Palin offered to fill position, motion made and accepted
  • Sharon looking to leave Presidency
  • Cherie Cahill willing to take over for Tracey Grzanna as Treasurer - motion made and accepted
  • Jen Frederick staying on as VP

Action Item: Persons Responsible
Consider taking over as President All members
Agenda item: MS SPorts Awards Nite Presenter:  Sharon Parsons

  • Needs?  MS - Monday the 23rd - 6:00 Cookies and lemonade
  • HS - 6th or 7th possibly?  Discussed changing to cookies, agreed to stick with tradition and keep the cake

Action Item: get cookies and lemonade form BJs Persons Responsible - Jen Fred
Agenda item: Spirit Wear Presenter:  Sharon Parsons

  • Myles asked us if we wanted to sell his spirit wear.  We should find out sizes and try to sell a few and take a piece of profit but do not buy outright
  • Should open shop for Sat. hoop rec games
  • How can we increase sales?  My Locker flyer like Kearsarge and Grantham?  Flyer home to SCES?  
  • Products discussed to add to items:  headbands, sweatbands, tie headband like softball team, arm socks, beanies, sweatshirts in kids’ sizes
  • How about a recycle closet?  Bring old stuff not used to either sell cheaply ($2-$5) or give away - spread the word on Twitter, FB, school website, etc.  Leave boxes at HS and Sherb - look for rack at Ocean State or PTO at SCES

Action Item: Order hats and arm bands Persons Responsible - Sharon
Put together flyer for used spiritwear
Agenda item: Scholarships Presenter:  Sharon Parsons

  • Procedure/process/forms worked well last year
  • Agreed to remain at up to 4 scholarships of $250 each
  • Talk about committee at a later date

Action Item: Persons Responsible
Agenda item: Expanding Membership Presenter:  Sharon Parsons

  • Bring a friend to next meeting
  • Facebook closed group
  • Increase Middle School parent presence at next meeting

Action Item: Create a Flyer, Table at next open house? Persons Responsible - Sharon
                       Create Private Facebook account Joanne

Next Meeting:  Thursday Nov 16 at 6:00 at Sherburne to set up concession stand