Sunday, December 4, 2016

November Meeting Minutes

Link to sign up for working in the Sherburne Concession Stand

Sunapee Booster Club Meeting Minutes Dated November 11/17/16
Present: Sharon Parsons, Lela Emery, Jen Frederick, Amy Moynihan, Patricia Halpin, Melissa Heino, Stephanie Cooney, Brooke Harrell, Robyn Bennett, Maria Fair, Cherie Cahill, Laurie Balch, Jess Warkentien
Absent: Tracey LeBlanc, Joanne Palin, Kim Stoughton, Bonnie Cruz, Pam Larpenter, Kim McFarland, Sharon Thielicke, Suzanne Bissonette-Blais, Renee Couitt
Clarification to the meeting minutes of October 2016, the “S” stickers will be sold for $5.00 and the “S” magnets will be sold for $12.00 each. Laurie Balch made the motion to accept the meeting minutes dated October 13, 2016 with the clarification. Maria Fair seconded the motion. All in favor, 0 opposed.
Treasurer’s Report Savings account balance is $6,516.05, Checking account balance is $1,371.62.
Expenses total $1,100 for the year/season start up. This included the grill, food, coffee urn. Income from the concession stand Fall sports is $1,600 net of $500 for profit.
The Bylaws have been corrected and amended with the Tax ID # added. The Bylaws are complete and current. They are linked to the Middle High School Home webpage under Quick links; Booster Club.
Deadline for SMHS Seniors to apply for Booster Club Scholarship is April 17, 2017. The Booster club Scholarship application will be included in the packet provided to students by the Guidance Department.
Sharon had an announcement made that the Booster Club was looking for a Student Representative. Beth Coverdale came forward and inquired. Sharon will follow up with her.
Myles Cooney made the request of $500 from the Booster Club to help offset the cost of the Girl's Varsity Championship Soccer jackets. Jen Frederick made the motion to contribute $500 to the jackets. Patricia Halpin seconded the motion. All in favor. Opposed 0.
Sharon made up a basketball schedule of the Boys, Girls, Varsity and JV Games with a sign up option to do the shopping as needed throughout the season. It is on paper and available for sign up at the meeting. Brooke Harrell suggested (which was well received by the Booster Club Members) and will set up the full Basketball schedule with shopping option on Sign up Genius. Brooke will send out a link to all Booster Club Members who can then sign up on the site to be a part of the schedule. Sign up Genius will also send a reminder for your commitment. Thanks Brooke!
The Booster Club Blog has been linked to the Booster Club homepage. The Spirit Wear page will also be linked to the Booster Club homepage in the future.
Sharon Thielicke submitted 12-15 new logo designs that she has created. Sharon researched the school history for mascots and team colors. The designs were all laid out on the table for Members to review and comment on. The group narrowed it down to two options with a few notes made for tweaking the logo. Some history - the Goose mascot’s name was Zeus, the past colors for the school were blue, yellow, green, white. Photographs of the two designs chosen with notes have been included with these minutes email for reference. One shirt is geared to High School Students and the other is chosen for Elementary School students. Thank you Sharon for all your time and efforts. Great designs! Can’t wait to see the finished product!
Booster club will offer the toss the beanbag basketball raffle this year as a fundraiser. Participants can buy the beanbag at the entrance to the game for $1. Halftime when announced all throw the bean bag onto the gym floor to a designated target. Closest wins half of that night’s beanbag sale proceeds. There is a second prize for next closest which is a free drink and candy given by and redeemable at the Booster Club concession stand. A few beanbags will need to be replaced, sticker numbers are plentiful.
Mail: PTO expo in Boston, fundraising mailings, a notice for personalized charms made locally. Booster club no action taken.
Amy Moynihan got pompom hats and the whole order has already sold out. A check was issued for $360 to pay for spirit wear including cinch bags and green fleece hats. Bonnie also purchased “S” stickers and magnets for $60.00. All products are for sale at the Sherburne Gym concession stand. The “S” stickers and magnets may be made available at the SMHS office. The idea of renting stadium cushions for the games was discussed. They would be marked with an “S” sticker and then “property of” to ensure their return for future rentals. A few will be purchased to try out fan response, interest and support. The Booster Club members met at the Sherburne Gym to prepare for the Basketball season. After the meeting, members reviewed t-shirt logo submissions, updated the bulletin board, cleaned out the concession stand, took inventory of food and spirit wear, and reviewed the basketball schedule provided until placed on sign up genius.

Next Booster Club Meeting is scheduled for January 19, 2017 at the SMHS Classroom of Sharon Parsons, middle school wing. 

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